I do yoga every day.
I am in love with science!
I enjoy working on puzzles.
Ladybugs are my favorite insect.
Our brains are really cool!
I love comic books and graphic novels.
My favorite flower is the water lily.
My family is from China.
I want to know HOW things work.
I love weather.
Everything is very interesting to me!
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I love to dance.
My very favorite color is pink.
My favorite flower is the daisy.
I am a chef.
I love rabbits!
My family is from Paris, France.
My favorite book is Green Eggs
I like to nap.
My favorite food is sweet potatoes.
I love community gardens.
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My favorite artist is Henri Matisse.
I love checkers.
I am a bird watcher
My fish's name is Norman.
My favorite color is green.
My family is from Peru.
I love my life!
I make art every day!
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Olive's honey cakes are a masterpiece.
I am the mayor of Curiosityville.
I love eagles.
I love building things.
I often say, "Hey, that's awesome!"
I like sports, hiking, and exercise.
I am a musican.
New Zealand and India.
I love taking care of the earth!
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I am a jokester and magician.
My family is from New York City.
Raccoons are my favorite animal because they are so curious.
I come from a public service family and served in the military.
My motto is "No time like now!"
I am training to be an astronaut.
I like to help people.
I like to ride my bike and play games.
I always say, "It's never too late to do the right thing!"
I love to play the steel drum.
My favorite color is blue.
I am a policeman.
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I am a Jack of all trades!
I am a teacher.
My family is from England.
I am extremely curious about everything.
I knit scarves for all my friends.
I love a great story!
I love African violets.
"WHY" is my favorite word!
I think math is fascinating.
I am an explorer.
I hum all the time.
My favorite color is yellow.
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